Liz in Who's Who

Liz Donnelly is a Childrens Media Specialist and is the creator of the New Zealand preschool brand, Eardrop’s Journeys. She produces CDs that teach everyday sounds to, and helps develop better listening skills in, preschoolers. The concept for Eardrop’s Journeys arose when Liz’s son, Tom, developed glue ear as a toddler. She realised there were no simple and clear learning tools that would help him with the everyday sounds he needed to learn - so she created some. Liz holds a Master of Arts in Film, Television and Media and focussed her research on media for children. At the time she was working for Television New Zealand, as the Programmer for children’s timezones on TV2, which brought a concrete commercial realism to the theory she had studied at university. She has worked as a Childrens Media Analyst for Television New Zealand, where she developed educational add-ons to support programming on air, and has also helped to produce many television shows over the past 10 years.

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