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I think the Eardrops stories are a wonderful resource for young children and would be helpful to encourage children’s listening skills and language development. They are fun and engaging, with a great variety of different sounds and corresponding vocabulary presented. These are the kind of stories children would listen to over and over again. They make learning to listen fun!
— Dr Jayne Newbury, Co-Director, Child Language Centre, University of Canterbury
My little boy LOVES your “bunny” stories. We now listen to them almost every car ride, and sometimes at home as well. He is now asking for “bunnies at home” and “listen to farmer” to decide which story he wants. He is also asking us “can you hear it?” a lot which is really cute and pointing out all the sounds he hears in everyday life which I love.
— Sarah, Whangaparaoa

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Omg! We have never looked back!! One disc in the car, one in her room for sleep time and one in the laptop!!
— Alysha
I just wanted to say congratulations, and that our daughter who will be 2 soon and was born blind absolutely loves the stories and she, not an hour goes by at the moment that she isn’t asking for one or the other of them and - they’re really helping her to learn. So thank you very much, well done, you’re making a real difference to people’s lives, so thank you.
— David, Auckland
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Hello! I just had to email and say how much Harriet now LOVES those stories ... She just thinks Eardrop rabbit is wonderful and wants to have them on all the time."

Paula, Auckland

My middle son Carter loves Eardrop, and has loved the stories from 2 onwards. He said ‘goat’ for the first time after hearing Sounds of the Country only once. This was actually one of his first words, because he was a late speaker. Carter used to sing the theme tune constantly, and now little Macs (just over one) perks up when he hears it.
— Natalie, Dusseldorf

We study, and speak as much of te reo Māori in our home as we can, but not enough yet for the full te reo versions so the bi-lingual resource is perfect for us. We are always on the look out for resources like this to help our, and our daughter’s te reo learning - so thanks heaps!
— Erin, New Plymouth
These CDs are amazing – my daughter just loves to listen to her sounds of the country one, but it is so damaged now from her hauling it around, I have to replace it. What fabulous resources you have created.
— Robyn, Porirua

We’re on the 3rd Eardrop disk … Had Zac’s attention 4 more than an hour … cool! Been requested a lot lately!
— Jane, Auckland
I would just like to say my son loves eardrop. We have all three stories and have to listen to them every time we hop in the car! To the point I have made him an eardrop toy so he can chat to eardrop in the car! Thank you for making them.
— posted by: ruffels

A refreshing example of creativity bringing familiar environmental sounds to children through the delightful character ‘Eardrop’. Will appeal to children in both home and educational settings
— Kathy McLeigh, Early Intervention Teacher

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Hi. I have a 17 year old special needs lad (autistic, development delay etc). He has always absolutely loved your cds for many years, especially Sounds of the country. He spends hours listening to your cds. They are brilliant for all children and I think our special children benefit greatly from them. They bring my son so much happiness. He chuckles away to the turkey, sheep etc. He is non verbal but sings away in his own language to them. Thanks so much.
— Wendy, NZ
I brought Grace her first ear drop collection when she was 5 yrs. Now 10 yrs old, she is still listening to the one that is playable due to so much use, “Sounds around the home” and she still listens intently and will tell me that ear drop is going to the toilet and its Nana house etc. and would be one of her favourite CD’s. So these CD’s start a talking point for a child whom really doesn’t communicate a heck of a lot, I ask her questions about what she hears and I get communication back. You can ask for more than that. Love your work!!
— Yvonne, Auckland
I used Sounds of the Country on a child diagnosed with severe autism. He sat happily listening and amazed me by mimicking some of the animal sounds. It held his interest for several minutes. A great resource.
— Kaye, Senior Special Needs Teacher

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Thank you for that awesome Eardrops listening story. The children love it and it's a great way to calm them down and get them sitting still. Thanks!

Angela, Bay of Plenty