Picture a peaceful car journey with happy toddlers. See a child struggling to learn language suddenly connecting words with meaning. Imagine a guilt free coffee break where you don't have to put your child in front of another screen. Welcome to Eardrops.

Eardrop's Journeys are beautifully crafted audio stories for young children. Eardrop is a curious rabbit who likes to go out and listen to the world. Your child listens alongside and learns 30 new sounds in each story. Using real world sounds, written and voiced with love and humour, your child will make a new best friend in Eardrop.

Created by experts, this unique format is designed to help children develop effective listening skills in a safe and fun way. Help them now while they're little and put your child on the path to successful reading later on at school. Arm them with the ability to learn by listening.

Use Eardrops in the car, at bedtime, anytime - whenever you think your child needs help focussing or to simply relax and be entertained. Join thousands of parents who are already using these screen free sanity savers. Available on CD or Download