Listening is our access to understanding

I know we bang on about this! But I really believe that although listening is an essential life skill there is not enough focus on it for our children. Ask a teacher and they will likely tell you that most children as they start school are not equipped with the listening skills they need to learn effectively.

According to sound expert Julian Treasure, we spend roughly 60% of our communication time listening.

Listening is our access to understanding. We really do need to know how to listen. 

He discusses why listening is our access to understanding, and why its essential to learn how to listen, and offers ways to listen in this fascinating TED talk.

Take a listen!

Liz xx 


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My middle son Carter loves Eardrop, and has loved the stories from 2 onwards. He said ‘goat’ for the first time after hearing Sounds of the Country only once. This was actually one of his first words, because he was a late speaker. Carter used to sing the theme tune constantly, and now little Macs (just over one) perks up when he hears it.
— Natalie, Dusseldorf