Proud to win AMP Scholarship!

This week I received the honour of an AMP Scholarship award! I am beyond excited. Liz :-) 

Prettiest Trophy E V E R !!

Prettiest Trophy E V E R !!


I intend to use the funds to produce the Eardrops stories in Te Reo Maori in 2017. 

This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I am overjoyed and humbled that the AMP judges have seen the value of Eardrops in Te Reo.

Thank you AMP! Eardrops Te Reo here we come!

Liz xx 



A letter to all the Eardrops parents

Today, as I order the 3rd print of Sounds of the Country, I want to thank the thousands of people who've used Eardrops with their children over the ten years of this incredible journey. When you bought that story I wrote did you know you made a statement that you believe in the power of education to shape a person’s future? You made an investment in your child’s learning. I am so grateful. I am so proud.

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