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Recording Eardrops in Te Reo Māori


Our language series takes a break this week because I'm head down working on the new Eardrops stories. 

It was a fantastic week of action in the studio last week as the creative team for the Te Reo Māori Eardrops stories assembled to record the new stories, made possible with the help of the AMP Scholarship I was awarded in 2016 (thanks AMP!)

Each person an expert in their area, the team consisted of myself, our Te Reo Director Casey, Sound Engineer Phill and four amazing actors - Naomi, Ngawai, Whatanui and Matu. Writing had already been translated by Juneea who had worked many hours in the weeks leading up to the shoot. Caitlin and Cindy helped out on the day too - and we even had a newborn baby to gaze at - aaah. 

There were a lot of laughs as the actors brought the scripts to life. I absolutely cannot wait to bring you the new stories and that is very soon. Let me know if you'd like to be on the pre-order list - this opens in August.

It is so important that children see and hear themselves and their world reflected in the media they are exposed to - the more Kiwi accents and Te Reo Māori we can offer our tamariki the better!

Everyone in the studio was hand picked for their experience and passion for creating great media for children. I am grateful to the team for bringing their big hearts and voices to the studio for our tamariki and so proud to see Eardrops evolving in our national language. 

There is more to tell you but its still secret for now!

I can't wait to share the magic the team created together. Eardrops children's stories in Te Reo Māori coming soon! 

Ngā mihi arohanui,

Liz xx