Kia ora I'm Liz Donnelly, the person behind the Eardrops stories. 

When my son had glue ear as a preschooler he didn't hear properly for a while. Once we fixed his ears I wanted to help him learn what things really sounded like, rather than the muffled sounds and words he had been hearing.

There were no stories that focussed on listening to sounds and hearing words clearly. Madness, I hear you say. Doesn't every child need to hear these sounds and learn the language to describe them? I agree - and right there was the seed of the idea that some time later became Eardrops.

I was working at TVNZ (New Zealand's national broadcaster) in Children's Media roles at the time and had just completed a Master's degree in Media to add to the Bachelor of Arts in English I already held. The Masters study included a block of research into preschoolers and how they use different types of media. I have honed my writing craft over many years and am committed to continued deep learning in this area so I can continue to produce artisan stories of real value for your children. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Teaching through the University of Canterbury in 2018, finishing in the top 10% of students and am happy to be able to teach professionally from 2019.

So that's a small part of my story. I love the way Eardrops helps me share in your stories now too and would love to connect with you.

Liz xx

5 things you might also like to know:

  • I won an AMP Scholarship in 2016 and am so pleased to have been able to produce eardrops in Te Reo Māori. I worked with an amazing talented team and the Te Reo Māori series is great. A bilingual New Zealand coming soon!

  • I have 3 children and a UK born partner. I grew up in the country and now live in Auckland. My beloved loves the fact his children have cool Kiwi accents.

  • I was a preschool Mum for 15 years.* Sleep deprivation, much?! (*except for 1 year when my firstborn was 5)

  • I needed to learn how to ask for help. These years while our children are young are so precious but its a time when we need so much support, right?! I am determined to create things that truly help parents of young children. I've been there and its not easy!

  • I spent 5 years as a contributing writer for 'Littlies' parenting magazine and wrote on a variety of topics, including how we develop a sense of humour (its learned) and how to listen (takes practice). Click the magazine logos below for more.

come and explore with me on Instagram its one of my favourite places (@eardrops_)